Chaos Communication Camp 2003
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7|8|9|10th August 2003     
BlinkenServ Condor

condor.tar.bz2 [300 kB]
condor-1.0-1.i386.rpm [334 kB]
condor-1.0-1.src.rpm [2.1 MB] (source RPM)

Condor is the first release of BlinkServ, the blinkenlights file- and UDP server for various Blinkenlights projects. For new/other versions/software from the Blinkenlights SBTP Suite look at:

The Server in the BlinkenArea is was situated at the IP-Address

You can view the official BlinkenArea stream also via telnet on port 10000. Windows users please note: The Microsoft telnet client does not work correctly.

To compile this tarball you'll need Trolltechs QT3 library (best 3.1.2) installed (Distributions: INSTALL DEVEL-PACKAGE!).

After compiling you will get three binaries:

condor - the server suite
visionudp - Displays fix and dynamic udp movie streams
blinkshare - share your blm-movies; upload and play loveletters

Condor is configured via a Wizard. Just start the wizard (Menu New...), select the services you want to run and configure port and (where available) maximum number of clients.

Blinkshare and visionudp are very simple to configure and run, just click "Configure", input the servers hostname or IP and accept the other settings.

On this Camp VisionUDP displays the current live stream as shown by the various blinkenlights models.

BlinkShare lets you up- and download files from the running fileserver. This official BlinkArea server puts all uploaded files directly into its current playlist, so your uploaded movies should play shortly afterwards. This file-clients also lets you upload loveletters.

Loveletters are stored under a numerical ID on the server, so only you can play the loveletter (BlinkShare recognises the ID-Response from the fileserver and stores that ID for you localy). Just select the ID you want to play in your LoveLetter-selectionbox and press play. Loveletters are played with a very high priority; normally directly after the current movie (of course, if there are other loveletters pending, they are played in the correct order).

written by René. mail:
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