Chaos Communication Camp 2003

7|8|9|10th August 2003 [German] [English]

Arrival and putting up

1stein und Sphaera were first at the camp, they arrived Tuesday noon at the ground in Paulshof near Altlandsberg. Kai and Ina came around 8 pm and Stephan and Kathe around 9 pm. After some there and back, they showed us a place, where we can finally build up the BlinkenArea: around 15 m south-west of the immense directional aerial mast.

By the first of the darkness we unloaded our cars and luged all our stuff from the parking area to the BlinkenArea. Fortunately Spheara brought a spot, so that we still could put up our tents and the three pavilions. All tiredness and exhaustion vanished, tables were built up, cables and candle-lit rallys were put up.

  [WLan antenna]

Sphearas and 1steins had bad luck, because they locked there car with all the equipment in and left the key inside... and the lockpicker were not here yet. Fortunately they had unload there tent already. After everything was almost built up and it was getting colder, we went to sleep.

We got up next morning around 9 am. Then we fetched the LittleLights house from the car and installed the projects. There were few problems, in the following the maintainer of the projects himself will explain them:

Kai: "XMasLights runs over a serial interface. For the level transformation you need a IC MAX232, but it was defect. Replacement was available."

ST: "First the house did not work at all, because one of the little legs from the capacitor was broken because of too much power. We got rid of the problem soon. Further a FET in the 10th column was burnt out, but after 30 minutes screwing and soldering we even managed this."

[ST and LitteLights] [ST and LitteLights]
 ST building his
 LittleLights project.
[ST, Kai and LitteLights]

At lunchtime we went to the lake, where the camp fire brigade was testing the hose. It was a wonderful refreshing shower. Because of the sunlight you can`t see much on the computer screen. That`s why we sleep at noon and are awake the whole night.

Ina made use of her time and worked on her BlinkenLED reproduction.

The running gag of the day was: Someone came and asked for something and 1stein answered: "Yes, I have the car." The whole day it was not possible to find someone who was able to open the car and the ADAC (emergency drivers club) does not come to help "abroad". The campradio people were annoying, we should tell something about our projects. But it would make more sense, if we tell them tomorrow when all people have arrived. In the evening Firefist was joining us. Around 9 pm René and Dauti finally arrived after driving 1050 km from Austria to the camp.

At nightfall you could see what is going on on your screen again and everyone got busy. There was some nervousness when it came up to a photo shooting of the projects. Because some special still frames should be shown quickly. But in the darkness the Blinkenarea was a real eyecatcher.

LittleLights: black cat

XMasLights: smiley

Late in the evening there was rescue!!! Michael from the lockpickers could open 1steins car! Thanks :-) And so began 1stein and Sphaera began to built up BlinkenMini. René and Dauti disentangled their cables and got there project started. we actually just need some internet and receiving the camp radio...we will see, the night is still long.

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