Chaos Communication Camp 2003

7|8|9|10th August 2003 [German] [English]

Day 3 [Saturday, 9th August 2003]

Yesterday evening they offered us to build up the unused army tent from the NOC. Because it is dark inside and the BlinkenArea could be an attraction even at day. We turned it over in our minds and got three extra tables and four chairs. Only late at night we got the okay and so we decided to redesign the Blinkenarea this morning. But it is not worth the effort, because we would need to put down and put up again all projects for only one day, which is left. When we will pack our stuff on Sunday noon, it would be waste in time and energy. Maybe on the next camp...

Noon was unbearable hot, nearly 40C. So actually we just tried to survive in the shade and to cool our drinks and food. Even the shower in the morning and the refreshing with the fire brigade host were not lasting long against the sun, thats why icecream became staple food.

In the afternoon we captured some impressions from the camp with the digicam.


above: tent A (for lectures), pavilions of the C-base, where you could buy food and drinks

middle: in front of the hackcenter, Art `n Beauty Area, at the lake

left: a data loo, NOC [NetworkOperationCenter] with flag

The Phone Operation Center improved our telephone infrastructure. We got an additional S0 Bus and two phones. Now even the visitors without DECT phone at the camp could play pong (for free!) at the house. At this point I like to say thanks a lot to the Phone Operation Center for their support and that everything was functioning straightaway.

Tim, who often proudly presented the BlinkenArea to his people, took some more time this evening to visit us. He brought a friend with to play some Pong. Of course he had an advantage ;-) We put there two chairs, so that it will become comfortable. There was only disagreement about the original covering of the telephone buttons. Was it 5 and 8 or 2 and 8 for up and down?

There was an introduction to the demoscene [568] around midnight at the hackcenter. Highlight was the show of the best demos of the last years... Farbrausch,... and others. Attracted by the load music the people where pouring into the hackcenter to have a look at the screen.

There was a lot going on this night, a lot of music, spectacle of lights and a buzz of activity in the hackcenter...


An eyecatcher was the shuttle of the [link]Heart of Gold and the landing zone in the darkness.


kugel.avi [505 kb]

landing.ground.avi [3.4 MB]
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