Chaos Communication Camp 2003

7|8|9|10th August 2003 [German] [English]

Day 4 [Sunday, 10th August 2003]

Ina and Kai already started to pack up their tent and equipment right after breakfast. They have to drive straight through Germany and wanted to leave not later than lunchtime. One of the pavilions was belonging them and STephan and Kathe wanted to set off in the afternoon, too. So we put down the BlinkenArea all together.

The KitchenArea was a bit of work, too. Washing dishes, sort out the food and pack everything up again. But to cook for ourselfes the electronical grill, the hot plate and the water boiler were enough these days and we made some really delicious meals. The food you could buy at the camp was too expensive.

Spheara and her 1stein, Kai and Ina... all still happy and satisfied :-)

After we took down the candle-lit rallies and disentangled and rolled up all cables, we could put down the pavilions. A lot of helping hands and the work was done quickly. We lugged the tents and equipments back to the cars together. René, Dauti, 1stein and Sphaera want to stay until tomorrow morning. But the BlinkenArea was already put down completely.

STephans dad came along, because not everything will fit in the car. Spheara and Kathe went to the Haecksen meeting at Wau-Land around 3 pm. So our poor guys had to manage washing dishes and bringing the stuff back to cars all by themselves. Even the [link] Closing Event [551] in the hackcenter was coming with endless rejoicing and applause to an end. It was time to say goodbye to the 2nd Chaos Communication Camp.

The cars were totally covered with dust on the parking area on the field. Some were lucky and got hosed down with water by the Angels. We stopped at a petrol station to at least clean windows and indicators.

That was the BlinkenArea documentation of the great Chaos Communication Camp 2003!
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