Chaos Communication Camp 2003

7|8|9|10th August 2003 [German] [English]

Day 1 [Thursday, 7th August 2003]

turning night into day


"I already went to bed at 2.00 in the morning. The heat from the laptop was not enough for me to keep me awake. The others where blinken around and preparing stuff. When I woke up this morning they where already awake. The morning was pretty hot - unfortunately just the temperatures. Rene had to prepare two lectures and he looked very tired. The day was spend with enjoying the sun, showering and - of course - blinken. It turned out that the sun can be a real BlinkenKiller. ssh sun and shutdown -h now was not working. So we have to concentrate the BlinkenAction in the evening hours when it gets dark."

Wednesday around 11:30 pm the BlinkenArea crew went to radio Subether and Spheara explained, what we are doing in the Blinkenarea.

the interwiew: blinkenarea-interview.mp3 [3,2 MB]

Late at night the BlinkenArea got Internet access. Internal Blinken network was running already the whole day, so we could at least work together on our projects. Renè managed to send via UDP-stream the same UDP packets to all projects. It looked wonderful, have a look at the movie -->


Then everyone was concerned with his own computer, but they were talking and sharing ideas. Around three the last people went to bed.

Thursday morning we got up at 8 am and enjoyed the very cold and refreshing shower. Then we went to Berlin to buy some food. When we came back, the [link][505] Opening Event has already started. We also hurried up to buy our camp shirts before they were sold off.

Around lunchtime the fire brigade was again showering the people near the lake, so we also joined to have some refreshness. Temperatures were around 35 C.

In the afternoon the blccc [blinken chaos control center] went online, so now our camp report can be reached from outside: After the camp we will upload the pages to:
Further the blinkenserv condor is running now and is able to send UDP packets to blinken devices like BlinkenMini, XmasLights, LittleLights and so on. Condor produces a permanent UDP stream on the camp network. You can download the blinkenserv suite and upload your own blinken movies and loveletters on our blinkenserv. If you upload a loveletter then your loveletter movie has the highest priority and will be listed on top of the playlist. That means, when the current movie has finished, your loveletter will be played. People who are not at the camp can use a telnet stream on port 10000. This stream shows the current movie.

Renè was giving two lectures this evening:

[link] [571] Winlux & Freedos - Emulators on Unix

[link] [572] The Art Of Magic - Technology as viewed from non-hackers

You can contact him: the evening


This night really a lot of people came along, made photos and ask there questions... The highlight (specially for the young generation) was to play Pong at the BlinkenMini with SNES-pads. But if you like you can come along and play tetris, game of live, tron or snake, too.

Near the angel tent, there was a fire spewing workshop. We made a small video because it was spectacular. The [link] GlowingCube. You can find it in front of tent B. Or watch this little movie.
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